Loving Hearts of LA is a mental health social service and personal care assistance organization.  We are community-based and currently serve both the New Orleans and Lafayette areas.

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Our mission is to educate, empower, and support vulnerable individuals in our communities.  We improve people's lives through mental health therapeutic plans and personal care assistance programs.  Our hearts are open to everyone.  We support clients as young as five, senior adults, and everyone in between.

Love, compassion, and strict adherence to ethical practices are part of our commitment. 

Love and compassion guide our efforts.  Strong ethical values define our actions.  Our trained mental health professionals facilitate collaborative therapy to support our clients on their wellness journeys.



At Loving Hearts of LA, we see therapists as guided by both the mind and the heart.  We imagine a mental health community where all people receive the dignity and respect they deserve.  We embody strong ethical values as a fundamental part of our identity.

We envision a culture of therapy in which love and understanding are the founding principles.  Using encouragement, we empower people to recognize and resolve deficiencies preventing happy and healthy lives.  



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Gian Durand is a New Orleans native.  She received a BA from Xavier University in Political Science and went on to earn her JD from Loyola University.   Although prepared for the courtroom, Gian’s career took a different path... she established the Durand Group in 2005.

The Durand Group hosts several businesses within its portfolio, including Loving Hearts.  Loving Hearts services parishes throughout Louisiana, delivering healing through the heart with behavioral health and personal care services.  Durand Food Services (DFS) has become one of the largest minority-owned produce vendors in the southern region.  She understands the importance of reliable performance and fast response times in business.

Gian has redefined young entrepreneurship.  Throughout her enterprises, quality is vital.  She produces sustainable products and consistently offers unrivaled results.  She succeeds in developing cost-effective and practical solutions her clients can rely on. 

Gian is not only a savvy businesswoman.  She is also a noted philanthropist and the mother of twins.  Gian serves on the board of multiple local non-profits and believes in the philosophy of 'paying it forward.'  She has dedicated herself to paving the way for other young female entrepreneurs aspiring to create their brands.  She leads seminars and workshops to share the knowledge gained through her experiences.  She exemplifies achievement through hard work, dedication, and commitment