Loving Hearts

Mental & Behavioral Health Services

In between hospitalization and health, Mental Health Professionals (MHPs) provide more intensive, in-home assistance when mental health challenges affect the ability to thrive in daily life.


In-home mental health care can help clients manage the activities of daily life (ADLs) and better meet responsibilities.


MHP can help clients improve their self-management skills, reducing the need for hospitalization. MHPs can assist with medication management and adherence to a therapeutic schedule.


MHPs can provide a safe way for clients to discuss and process mental health concerns without judgment.


MHPs can help clients with identifying their unique triggers and providing targeted education.


MHPs may meet with a client in the home or at school. They may accompany the client to medical appointments and on errands.  They can reduce some of the burdens of daily life, allowing the client to focus on what is most important: Their health.


In-home behavioral health care can reduce some of the physical and emotional burdens on family caretakers, dramatically improving the quality of life for both the client and their loved ones.


Loving Hearts understands the challenges included with a mental health diagnosis.  We dedicate ourselves to helping clients discover the tools they need to help them thrive in their unique circumstances.  Our compassionate care and commitment to the strictest ethical values are reflected in everything we do.